1 - Think - The Purpose of Life
Added: 9th February 2016
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Life is short. People live for 70-80, maybe 90 years on average, but have we gleaned any meaning from our lives after all this time? If you take some time to investigate nature, you will see how nothing lives for itself. There is a greater purpose behind everything. Nothing happened by accident, nothing is random. There is an intelligent designer behind our world. What if this creator loves us? And we are made to know this creator, grow close to Him, and to imitate Him?

2 - Think - The Decline of Christianity
Added: 9th February 2016
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Is Christianity a belief system? A philosophy? A culture? A business? There is no lack of people asking tough questions, searching for truth, but maybe our churches are not the same Christ-filled places that they once were. Can we still supply the Christian population with pure truth? The church has undeniably changed over the years. Let’s briefly look at the history of the church to see how we got here. Can we get back to the revival and passion of the past?

3 - Think - The Origin of Evil and Suffering
Added: 9th February 2016
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There is so much sadness in the world, and many times when we read or hear about the news we wonder why it seems so senseless. Why do these things happen? Why do we have to suffer? Where did this evil and suffering come from, and are we stuck with it? Explore the standards of good and evil and its origins with Daniel Pel in this short video.