2021 - Enmity - Battle Lines: Prologue
Added: 26th June 2017
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Throughout the production, the concepts surrounding this issue of enmity were revealed to us in multiple ways. The war between Christ and Satan is an all-out war that wages every single day. We are so used to living in the world that we hardly notice this controversy exists. But it does exist, not only on a global level, but also in relationships between people, and even within our own hearts. We see Enmity – a permanent hostility between two parties – wherever we look. From the interaction...

Enmity and Heaven
Added: 23rd September 2016
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Enmity Director's Teaser
Added: 16th April 2015
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What is Enmity? Enmity is a new documentary series and is a massive endeavor for the Amazing Discoveries team. So how is Enmity different from our previous productions? Enmity’s director, Wendy Goubej will answer some questions about what Enmity will cover, and we will learn more about the special features of this documentary that we can look forward to.