Phillip Sizemore
1801 - Lord, I want to be a Christian
Added: 23rd October 2014
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What does it mean to become a Christian? Do we get wisdom, riches, and salvation heaped upon us? It sure does not feel that way sometimes, but the Bible warned us about the troubles and conflict we would face. Being a Christian may not be easy, but it is endlessly rewarding. However, we may not see any of the rewards until after Christ comes again or calls us home. In the meantime, we are tried and tested daily. How can we keep our faith strong in the face of persecution and difficulties? Phi...

1802 - No GMO's for Me, Please
Added: 23rd October 2014
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In this modern age, many people have chosen to abandon the literal meaning of the Bible. Is the Bible even relevant today? Phillip Sizemore proposes that one of our biggest issues is Gospel Modified Organizations - GMOs - an issue where organizations have made modifications to the Word of God to make salvation more palatable. However, we have left something behind, and possibly changed too much. How dangerous is this path? This is not a new problem, it existed in Biblical times as well. Sizem...

1803 - What the Rapture Left Behind
Added: 30th October 2014
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We know Jesus will come again, and we know his second coming is very near. However, will He come quietly? Will he come secretly and slowly? Phillip Sizemore shows us Biblical passages that prove that Christ’s second coming will be visible, powerful, and fantastic. So why is it that so many are deceived about Christ’s return? Consider that Satan has a counterfeit to God’s truth, and that the devil is trying all the time to confuse and bewilder mankind about the nature of Christ’s second coming...