Walter Veith
248 - The Trump Card
Added: 28th March 2017
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Has the Trump campaign brought us any closer to the fulfilment of prophecy? With the election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States, prophecy can finally reach the point of fulfilment, when Church and State comes together to enact laws which are contrary to the laws of God, but which favour the first beast of Revelation 13. Then these events can take place, and we are told that the last events will be rapid ones. Is it possible that we are seeing the fulfilment of prophec...

249 - All Together Now One Two Three
Added: 29th March 2017
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Who is really behind the movement towards unity? How have we blended God’s law with Rome’s? This compelling lecture reveals Rome’s tightening grip on authority figures to further its political and religious agenda.

7702 - Angel in Disguise
Added: 6th June 2013
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This True story was shared by Walter Veith In Dec 2010. It relates to his experiences during the 1993 evangelistic seminar held in the Massey Theatre in New Westminster, BC where he presented for the first time in Canada The Genesis Conflict series and the Original Truth Matters series to 1260 people. Does God protect us through Angels? Listen to this interesting testimony and how this experience has sustained Walter for over 20 Years.

7703 - Ethiopia a Mission Story
Added: 27th June 2013
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Professor Walter Veith shares a mission story from a trip to Ethiopia. He shares the simplicity of life in Africa. The strong faith of people who are persecuted, in poverty, and deprived of basic necessities is a great challenge to first world countries. It is a challenge to communicate scientific data to people who do not have that exposure to the world. How do you talk about the reformation if people don’t know who Martin Luther was? God makes a way through people who are dedicated and dete...

7704 - Stories from Life Experiences
Added: 27th June 2013
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Listen as Walter shares some of his personal experiences as an evangelist. He has had many remarkable experiences, but in this clip he shares just a few of them. Get a glimpse at the challenges and blessings as he has served the Lord.

7737 - The Science in Salvation
Added: 5th October 2015
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In this lecture with Walter Veith we will look at the science behind our creation, and the salvation in science. In a thorough and complex lecture we will see how we are a scientific impossibility, though nothing is impossible through God. How could our existence come to be? Is it really up to chance? This lecture will lay out the science behind our existence and how science actually proves the Bible true. Filmed live at a church service in British Columbia.

7738 - Old Bottles, New Wineskins
Added: 7th October 2015
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We enjoy our old bottles and don’t want new wineskins, we are afraid of change. Having to strip away what we think we know about the world is a challenge, but we can do it with the Lord’s help. In this lecture with Walter Veith we will look at the importance of having new bottles and new wineskins and the change that we must experience to achieve this. We need to ask Christ to impart His wisdom and His righteousness into our new selves so we can be efficient followers with a revised character...

7739 - I Want My Church Back
Added: 5th October 2015
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In this lecture with Walter Veith we will look at the original Adventist church and compare it to how our church looks today. It is time to get back to our roots and to realize the importance of our original mission. I want my church back, so how can we get back to the core of the message? Filmed live at a church service in British Columbia.

901 - Walter Veith's Life Story
Added: 3rd November 2008
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Dr. Walter Veith's personal life story from an atheistic evolutionist to a creationist. Professor Veith is an internationally renowned speaker and author who received training as a Zoologist and Comparative Physiologist at the mainstream University of Cape Town in South Africa. As former evolutionist, and having taught evolution for many years, Professor Veith's life changing testimony is an amazing witness that touches hearts and minds as he candidly shares his story of God's leading.

902 - Charisma of the Spirit
Added: 27th April, 2009
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Modern movings of the Spirit - genuine or spurious? Are speaking in tongues and slaying the Spirit movements from God or from another source? What does the Bible teach?