A New Heart
7901 - How to Have a New Heart
Added: 21st August 2013
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In plain, simple language and compelling illustrations, you will learn the secret to lasting change for your life. Using an unforgettable story of a heart patient, Dr. Riesenberger will show step by step, God's part, as well as your part, in the process of conversion. Solid Biblical inspiration combines with true, personal testimonies to create a clear path to salvation.

7902 - The Secret that Unlocks the Bible
Added: 21st August 2013
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Do you need to be a theologian to truly understand the Bible? What about knowing Greek and Hebrew? What is the key that unlocks the ancient Scriptures? With real-life stories, you'll find that the secret is available not only to the scholars, but also to a little child. The Bible comes alive as you learn the one principle that unites its sacred pages.

7903 - Where is God When I Suffer?
Added: 21st August 2013
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Why is there suffering in the world? How can things so evil exist when God is all-loving and all-powerful? Why does it seem that no good deed goes unpunished, and that innocent seem to pay for the crimes of the guilty? Is it true that only the good die young? You will finally discover clarity to this age-old dilemma that has made so many people become atheists. Armed with Scripture and the most moving stories from the ER, you will finally find resolution and perfect peace with the problem of...

7904 - How to Stay on Fire
Added: 21st August 2013
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Why can't I be happy? What brings true satisfaction and lasting purpose in life? Why are most of us on a never-ending journey in search of the true fulfillment that seems to elude us? Can it be that a great education, stable job, a loving spouse, and dutiful children are not enough to make the American Dream come true? With dozens of personal illustrations and Biblical principles, Dr. Riesenberger shows that happiness can be yours, not just for today, but forever.

7905 - The Truth that Transforms the World
Added: 21st August 2013
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Have you ever had an experience that changed your entire life? How about one that completely transformed the way you saw yourself and everyone around you? One fateful day in the trauma bay, Dr. Riesenberger would behold a truth so powerful and a story so compelling that it changed who he was forever. This message, hailed by young and old, pastors and laity as the most powerful story of the Gospel they've ever heard, has resulted in thousands of decisions for baptism around the world. After l...