Daniel Pel
1501 - Immune to the Gospel
Added: 20th September 2013
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Why is it that the Christian world at large has become indifferent to the power and beauty of the Gospel? How does it happen that we lose our focus and gradually find ourselves no longer impacted by the truth we once loved and lived for? This study of God's Word puts the finger on the pulse of Christianity, diagnosing its condition. A shocking but eye-opening message that will challenge and motivate you on a deeper level!

1502 - The Hardest Prayer
Added: 20th September 2013
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Jesus taught His followers how to pray. The Lord's prayer is repeated millions of times every day by Christians all over the world. Still, Christianity has lost its vital power, and this prayer has become a tradition rather than an experience. Discover how we can make this prayer the very heartbeat of our lives.

1503 - The Truth about Temptation
Added: 20th September 2013
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Nobody lives without being tempted, but the question is if we truly understand what it is and how we can resist it. Discover three lies about temptation that are so common in our day and age. Learn practical principles that will help you resist temptation so you can experience self-control in an out of control world.

1504 - My Dream and His Dream
Added: 20th September 2013
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Daniel Pel shares his testimony about how God led him through challenging moments of his life and called him to share the truths of the Bible around the world.

7501 - Finishing the Race
Added: 23rd March 2012
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Paul writes to Timothy in 2 Tim. 4: 6: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” He left Timothy and the early church this testament of his life. What testament does your life speak? What legacy are you leaving behind? Reflect on these important questions with Daniel Pel in “Finishing the Race," recorded live.