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1003 - 1844 in Type and Antitype
Added: 4th January 2013
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This typological study compares the experience of the ancient Israel of God with that of the Advent movement which calls a people out of the world into His great light. This eye-opening DVD will challenge your view of the last-day Church and invite you to a higher purpose in life and ministry.

1003PT - 1844 Em Tipo e Antítipo
Added: 11th June 2014
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Como a igreja adventista tem seguido os passos de Israel no Êxodo. Puxão de orelha em nós que no coração queremos constantemente voltar ao Egito.

1004 - 1888 On the Borders of Canaan
Added: 4th January 2013
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This typological study compares the experience of the children of Israel as they were on the borders of Canaan about to enter the Promised Land with the Advent movement in 1888. Be challenged as you consider the historical impact of the Advent movement’s experiences and the future ahead.

1004ES - 1888 A las Fronteras de Canaán
Added: 4th June 2013
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Será desafiado al considerar el impacto histórico de las experiencias del Movimiento Adventista y el futuro que tenemos por delante.

158 - In the Footsteps of Abram - Vol 2 (Abram in Egypt) - Part 4
Added: 29th October 2013
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Instead of trusting God in times of trouble, Abram often succumbed to his fear, choosing his own way over God’s and endangering his own family in the process. Do God’s plans have to change when we disobey Him? Can we trust that His ways are higher than ours? Follow Abram in his adventures to...

201 - Jesus, Impostor ou Messias?
Added: 7th January 2014
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Neste vídeo é apresentada evidência de que Jesus é o Messias, em formato multimídia. As profecias antigas são descortinadas, particularmente a profecia de Daniel 9 sobre as setenta semanas que aponta o exato momento para o advento do Messias a esta terra. O estudo desta profecia tem...

228 - A Stone to Rest Your Head
Added: 31st December, 2008
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This is an expose of Revelation chapter 10 which reveals the counterpart to the beast which is to arise out of the bottomless pit (the kingdom of evil). It exposes the organization which God raises up to counter the myriad of errors which Satan places in the world to rob man of his salvation. It...

283 - Repairing the Breach
Added: 19th November 2013
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God’s character lies shattered on the highways of theological compromise and apostasy. It is the duty of God’s final people to restore the breach in the wall of Jerusalem. This study includes a discussion of the doctrines that set God’s remnant apart from every other denomination. Repairing...

283ES - Reparando la Brecha
Added: 22nd October 2014
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Las mentiras sobre el carácter de Dios están esparcidas por los caminos del compromiso teológico y la apostasía. Es el deber del Pueblo de Dios del fin del tiempo, reparar la brecha en el muro de Jerusalén. Este estudio incluye un análisis de las doctrinas que establecen al Remanente de...

284 - Get Away from the Tents
Added: 19th November 2013
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Get Away From the Tents discusses some of the inroads of the king of the north’s theology into the very heart of God’s people. The issues are serious as they constitute the omega of great apostasies and many there are within God’s remnant people who embrace them. This study is an appeal to...